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Alpha College is popular in Australia, adhering to landscape studies. Alpha College also has stepped into the management field by providing a Diploma in Leadership and Management. Alpha College provides opportunities for students to build on sustainable structures that will be able to adapt to climate change. This RTO was established in 2017 and started operation in St SMITHFIELD NSW, Australia. The current CEO is Mr. Nasser Roumieh, and he is also part of the Registration and public inquiries of Alpha College. Providing the certificate, I & III Landscape construction, civil construction plant operation to the diploma in Leadership and management courses.

The Challenge

ALPHA COLLEGE was having a problem with the website performance and other web prerequisites. So, this RTO was looking for an ultimate web solution to build a new website for their business and run the online operation through it. They wanted a professional website where the pages would look very polished and appropriate according to its outlook. The official website needed to have presentable contents, images, graphics to attract visitors and engage them. Moreover, Alpha College had to adopt some changes in the webpage management and to achieve the company's goal to hold the target visitors. In addition, the web management sector required to consider various strategies for doing well, like applying a professional plugin theme in the web pages and fewer online management plans at that time. Along with that, developers needed to work on web loading time and fixed glitches to reload for every page.

In the Covid situation, the ALPHA COLLEGE management team was thinking to fulfill the client's demand online. They were motivated to build a new official website for their RPL business for better results. But for the lack of an experienced web service firm, the college authority could not implement this initiative. So, basically, the main challenges were to develop an excellent, modernized, and user-friendly website for the visitors for a friendly user experience. Also, the combination of website development packages, maintenance, and website glitched fixing issues were the prime deal to improve by the Quadque expertise.

Our Approach

The Quadque team was assigned to build a brand-new website to avoid the unpresentable situation of ALPHA COLLEGE's web services. We arranged a program called "ALPHA COLLEGE Web-Fix" to improve and save the company's online platform at any cost by creating a great website. Considering the prior situation, our operation held with the website building and improved the web pages. Our concern was to generate the idea creations and do overall research for the website. So, we researched with all our elements and initiated to protect the website's primary problem to arise. Then, our research team made a list of all website bad strings into an excel file, and we did a meeting with the ALPHA COLLEGE to discuss all the matters regarding the web problems and budgeting.

After the finalization of the agreement, we picked a web theme to customize according to the company's perspective by our web designer. Here, we started our following step with the website design and page arrangement. We put the best efforts into the webpage design to give iconic outlooks and better views. Some significant changes were taken as an initiative in the whole perspective of the web pages by using a new web plugin and a premium-ready theme. We did the web UI/UX development to change the pattern for the viewers. Our design team made some ready sample work to set the finalized design for the ALPHA COLLEGE web pages.

We worked on the ALPHA COLLEGE website's website development and web management services in the next step. The backend service was operated through the programmer group using the Laravel framework and PHP coding to store all the relevant data in the database. Our analyst team played a significant role in the Front-end tasks to create a recommended user interface for the web users. The creative team developed a model web interface and inserted unique animated clips to engage the visitors for each dial. We also did some website maintenance and protective jobs for the ALPHA COLLEGE agency. Our developed website was SEO friendly, super dynamic, and healthy speed optimized for the ALPHA COLLEGE. We added some key features, like, hover, motion graphics, micro-interaction, component selection, and other necessary aspects inside the ALPHA COLLEGE website.

The programmer team created an outstanding web interface and added unique content to engage the visitors in the implementation part. Alongside, we added unique articles and other content publications for the blog section. Our team planned for ALPHA COLLEGE web pages to share motion graphics content, ad sense copy, and other relevant services from our creator team. Following a content calendar was mandatory to maintain for all web solutions tasks, and we took preparation with new ideas for the operation month. At the end of the month, we researched the overall outcomes of ALPHA COLLEGE web traffics, SEO, branding, sales demand throughout a management meeting. Our business development members also worked forecasting on the running scenario and offered various possible solutions for the online growth.

The ALPHA COLLEGE Web-Fix operation had to pass through many obstacles. We met communication gaps with the RTO management team in every step, and we faced a lack of information to deliver our day-to-day activities. Still, we managed a significant role in maintaining and modernizing the web service structure to solve various compositions and fundamental issues of the ALPHA COLLEGE business website.


  • The web build function hits more sales than usual and increased the student engagement within the prior quarter of the "ALPHA COLLEGE WEB-FIX" in Australia.

  • ALPHA COLLEGE has succussed reaching the local google rank and got more SEO-generated platforms in the web world.

  • New students were engaged for the RPL courses after Quadque accumulated in the ALPHA COLLEGE web fix operation.

  • The website has gotten a new look, and the user experience is very friendly with an easy operating system for anyone. This operation brings remarkable success to beat other competitors in the RPL market from the web development services by Quadque.

  • Overall, Quadque helped to become the market leader in the RPL assessment program in Australia's Civil Construction and Leadership management industry.



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