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Alpha Training & Recognition (ATR) was established in Australia to offer training for the building and construction industry. We are experienced over 15 years in the industry, and this RPL business is owned and maintained by the top building industry experts. ATR’s head office is situated in Gold Coast, QLD, Australia. Our goal is to help achieve the goals and allow progressing in career and fulfilling the potentiality. So, we offer a nationally accredited training course for Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) and Certificate III in Painting and Decorating (only through RPL). Candidates will be awarded a building and construction diploma recognized throughout the country on completion of the course. We have some of the leading trainers in Australia, and our team will be able to accurately assess the skills and give all the assistance that one requires in order to obtain the qualification. We also offer advice with Builder’s Registration to once again make things easier all around for those working in the construction industry.

The Challenges

The team of Quadque was highly concerned about the unpredictable situation of ATR's digital services. So, we launched a program called ATR rebuild. Considering the past situation, we started our digital marketing operation with the media platforms' improvement.

First, our approach was to do the social media plan and overall research for the ATR social platforms. So, we did our research on the ATR media with all our elements and found out the primary problem. Then, our analyst team made a list of all media cons in an excel sheet. We held a meeting with the ATR management to propose all the matters regarding the media problems and budgeting. The digital marketing team took the initiative to do the operational tasks for ATR online marketing and promotional activities. For ATR media platforms, every day, our team had a planned schedule to share copy contexts, campaign promotions, blog publications, Motion graphics content, ad sense copy, visual ad (Video contents), and other relevant services from our creative team. We did the maintenance jobs for the ATR social platforms. We adopted possible media management tools as per the RTO demands. The digital marketing specialist adopted different online marketing strategies and applied them for more accuracy. We followed a content calendar for all digital marketing tasks and got prepared with new ideas for the month.

From the following idea, our next task was to do digital media buying based on target-centric online audiences and also did Email marketing for more response. We also added unique content and weekly fun fact to attract more audiences in the media stands. At the end of the month, we researched the overall results of ATR's media traffics, SEO, local branding, visitor engagement throughout Ad and content optimizations. Our media business development members helped forecast based on the media's present state and present various proposals at the meeting.

Finally, the ATR Rebuild operation had to face many obstacles and communication gaps with the management, which led us to a lack of information to complete our daily activities. But we are happy to serve and still playing a significant role in maintaining the social media platforms to solve various essence issues of ATR's digital marketing solutions.

Our Approach

ATR was relying on the old marketing policy and carrying out the conventional brand promotion to engage people. The traditional marketing sector was doing well, but there was less cooperation between the online marketing and traditional marketing sectors at that point. In general, ATR was dealing with some problems in their social media and other online platforms. Their Facebook business page was contained full of complications, and the other media were not suitable as per the business outlooks. In this Covid situation, students are now depending on the online education services rather than visit the distance. But the team of ATR couldn't perform the formed work line through digital promotions. At that time, the engagement of students was declining rapidly. As a result, the sales of RPL services were crashing quickly, and the RTO holders were not happy with the performance. So, basically, they wanted to adopt new technology platforms for the promotional jobs and needed to settle the goals. The combination packages of digital marketing, media marketing, email marketing, campaign, content boosting, and other online fixing issues were the central concern to improve by the Quadque expertise.


  • The operation helped to hit more sales than the past statistic and made lots of student engagement within the prior six months of the ATR Rebuild function in Australia.

  • Every day ATR media had an online presence of around 78%. They got genuine responses from the RPL customers after the Rebuild operation.

  • From the digital marketing and active online campaign management, ATR has made an excellent improvement in the google rank and got more SEO-generated platforms in the online media world. ATR has improved the google rank and got more SEO-generated platforms in the online world from the active campaign management.

  • New students were engaged for the RPL courses after Quadque accumulated in the ATR Rebuild operation. The sales growth rises to 50% more in the last quarter year.

  • The media pages have gotten a fresh new look. The user experience is very friendly with an easy operating system and unique iconic content for visitors.

  • This operation brings remarkable success to beat other competitors in the RPL market from the online media development services by Quadque.

  • Overall, Quadque helped to become the market leader in the RPL assessment program in Australia's Construction and painting industry.


"Quadque has made a great assessment in our online platform to create standard digital channels and quality media contexts. Their outstanding online marketing and promotional services have changed our business grade to lead more online clients."

-Team ATR


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