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Hidden Box Bd has started its journey in 2017, and currently, one of the formal founders is 'Raisa Mahzabin' a young entrepreneur. Primary while, they were doing outstanding business actively around Dhaka and nearby areas. The hidden box is mainly an online jewelry store containing hundreds of new and unique collections of non-gold material jewelry. Based on the online platform, this business is standing with thousands of followers and satisfied customers. Now they are selling and providing beauty products and other related accessories services by accumulating to do multiple tasks regarding the online purchases.

The Challenge

At some points, Hidden Box was troubled with the online services of their social media platforms and brand promotions. According to the social media policy, the existing pages were about to terminate against Facebook and other media privacy policies.

Also, the social media pages were not accurately optimized, and the contents were not suitable as per the business outlook. The attached images didn't fit the company's backdrop, and they failed to input related contexts to serve the audiences. The hidden box team was performing well in the product stocking, but there were low activities in the online feedbacks. Their management failed to run any successful operation on media buying, and as a result, their brand value was declining and losing leads in this business. At that point, they wanted to adopt advanced approaches for the promotional tasks under conditions.

Also, in this Covid pandemic, their customers totally depended on online ad services rather than seeing any traditional promotions. But the team of Hidden box couldn't perform the formed work line through digital advertisements, and at that time, customer engagement was declining rapidly. As a result, the sales of jewelry and other beauty items were crashing within a short time, and the partners and co-owners were not happy with the performance. Moreover, even there was no parameter controller for those media buying or page optimization, which caused low graphical flow in the online business for Hidden Box Bd. So, basically, the combination of media marketing, event campaign, context posting, lead generation, and other online fixing issues was the central apprehensive for Quadque Technology.

Our Approach

The team of Quadque was highly concerned about the unpredictable situation of Hidden Box's digital services. So, we launched a project on Hidden Box to perform digital marketing services immediately after getting the agreement letter.

Considering the prior condition of the online platforms, we began our first step of the operation with the media platforms set up. Then our digital specialist optimized the overall scenario of their Facebook business page and another media stage, 'Instagram.' To know more depth results, we stepped into a business plan to maintain a parameter and observed them in daily reports. After the finalization of page setup and putting the relevant contexts, we showcased the jewelry and other beauty product lists of Hidden Box in the shopping section. Later, we planned to work on the target audiences and regions to set off the operation. So, we researched the market condition and attracted a particular group of people to engage for better results. Finally, understanding the tasks and needs, we followed a working module on-demand service in various projects of Hidden Box events.

Secondly, we adopted some significant changes in the overall outlook of the online pages by creating unique content considering the business theme. The creative designer's team helped with mesmerizing content for the media pages and published 6-8 content per day to engage more visitors. That daily task included various static posts and motion videos based on the events and services. Even our creative team helped to work on multiple fun posts and unique, engaging posts for the online media. Our designed seats were super attractive and focused on SEO-friendly optimized for the Hidden box. Along with that, we added more platforms like Facebook business groups to run their digital marketing operational functions. As well, we do maintenance jobs for the Hidden Box media pages, and we had a schedule for sharing engagement posts in those media daily throughout the operation period.

On the sequences, the digital marketing team did the operational tasks for the online marketing page with media buying, Facebook followers boosting, creating product promotional content for each online plate, and also did the content rotations for the total project time. We even optimized ads and promotional campaigns on special occasions or events by targeting the area's audiences. Along with those, we worked on page promotion to increase likes/followers, and we managed to operate a lead generation campaign for them. We also served with video content and helped to reach the target views in their YouTube channels. The business developer team adopted different digital marketing strategies and applied those on various tools for accuracy. Our group maintained a planned schedule for Hidden Box media platforms to share copy contexts, campaign promotions, relevant publications, motion graphics content, ad sense copy, and other relevant services every day through our creative team contributions. We followed a content calendar for all digital marketing tasks and prepared new ideas. At the month's ending, we researched the overall outcomes of Hidden Box media marketing traffics, google SEO, branding, and sales demand. We mainly focused on the leads throughout team meetings every month. Our business development executives improved the forecasting based on the current Hidden Box business flow scenario and gave various proposals at the meeting.

Finally, this operation had to face many phases and obstacles to keep the workflow smooth. Every day we met communication gaps with Hidden Box management and lacked information to complete our day-to-day activities. Still, we played a significant role in maintaining and modernizing the digital marketing framework to solve various Hidden Box Bd online business infrastructure issues.


  • This digital marketing operation resulted in more sales than usual and got lots of proper leads from the customer's engagement within the operation period of Hidden Box D.marketing.

  • Around 300+ leads were attracted for the jewelry section every month after Quadque accumulated with Hidden Box. The sales growth of their rises to up 40% more.

  • We managed to add six thousand plus page likes and followers onward the limited budget plan with the blessing of our digital marketing services, which was only two thousand before we got in.

  • Hidden Box has made a tremendous improvement in brand awareness from digital marketing and other activities online campaigns management, which was 25 thousand plus reach for each month after the operation started.

  • They got substantial free website traffic flow with the project's active operation and 60 plus assessment checks constantly from the Quadque process every month.

  • From this operation, we selected five target groups, especially for the Hidden Box functional team. We even got huge responses from one budgeted event campaign, which was demandable, and reached 2000 plus impressions from one active event.

  • They bring remarkable success to beat other competitors in the online jewelry market. As a result, they were nominated as the finalist for the local business award of Yess-Bd in Bangladesh with the contribution of the Quadque's marketing strategy.

  • Almost, Quadque Technology let the hidden box become the market leader in the online businesses and created values in the Jewellery and beauty product industry around Dhaka, Bangladesh.


"QuadQue has helped to make our online business more dynamic and provide quality digital marketing services based on our demand. With the outstanding online marketing and modern campaigns, they have developed our business brand value, grade and help to meet the target audience for our business."

-Hidden Box Team


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