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International Training and Educational Counsel (ITEC) is a renowned student Consultancy Agency that provides professional student qualifications and training in Australia. ITEC was established in 2011 with a longstanding reputation as one of Australia's leading education agencies. The head office of the ITEC is situated in Sydney, Australia. Now it started its business in multiple branches in Australia and Bangladesh for more active operations. ITEC is associated with many Registered Training Organizations (RTO) in Australia. The main activity of the ITEC is to provide RPL services, and they offer 50 plus registered RPL qualifications. They contribute to proceed with the information about the selection of the universities, admissions, courses, accommodations, and Student Visa services. Now it's providing the migration and consultancy services and accumulating to do multiple tasks regarding the study abroad.

The Challenge

ITEC was troubling with the services of their website and other web platforms. The Web pages were not appropriate, and the fronts were not suitable with the company's outlooks. The posted images didn't fit with the company's background, and they failed to manage related content to serve the viewers. The web shades were not adopting along with the company's required theme, and it didn't match the company's logo. On the ITEC's website, relevant information was missing, and the blog section was conducted by one or two blogs only. Those didn't have a proper engagement, and those were not search engine optimized in google. Viewers were not getting the blogs in organically and not getting interested in going through the articles. Along with that, the visitors were getting problems with the login menu. The web pages were too much slow to load, and sometimes it got difficult to browse and show glitched for sometimes.

Our Approach

The team of Quadque was highly concerned about the unpredictable situation of ITEC's website services. So, we launched a program called ITEC Web-build. Considering the past situation, we started our operation with the website build and improvement. First, our apprehensive was making the web idea creations and doing overall research for the ITEC website. So, we researched the ITEC website with all our elements and found out the website's primary problem. Then, our research team made a list of all website cons in an excel sheet, and we held a meeting with the ITEC to propose all the matters regarding the web problems and budgeting. After the confirmation, we picked a web theme to customize according to the company's perspective by our web developer.

Then we worked on the webpage design to give aesthetic outlines and better outlooks for each page. There we created some changes in the whole draft of the web pages. We embraced the creation of a new web plugin and a premium-ready theme for the website functions. We did the UI/UX development to change the pattern of the website view. Our design team made some ready sample diagrams to set the finalized design by the ITEC for the web pages.

The next step was to make the web development of the ITEC website. Our backend service was operated through the programmer team's Laravel and PHP coding framework and maintained all the relevant data in the database. The programmer did the Backend and Frontend tasks for a better user interface. We did the maintenance jobs for the ITEC website and adopted various strategies to do the web page management as per the client's demands. In the web implementation part, the programmer team created an outstanding web page interface and added unique content to engage the visitors. Alongside the phases, we worked on unique article sharing and other content publications for the ITEC blog section. Our designed website was super SEO friendly, dynamic and healthy speed optimized for the ITEC website. We added some key features, like, hover, motion graphics, micro-interaction, component sections, and other necessary aspects in the ITEC website.

For the following time of our operation, we maintained a content calendar for all of the web page's tasks and got ready to prepare with new ideas for the month. At the end of the month, we researched the overall outcomes of ITEC's web traffics, SEO, branding, visitor engagement throughout a team meeting every month. Our business development members helped forecast based on the website's current scenario and give various proposals at the meeting.

Finally, the ITEC Web-build operation had to deal with many phases and obstacles. For example, every day, we faced communication gaps with the ITEC management, and we had a lack of information to complete our day-to-day activities. Still, we played a significant role in maintaining and modernizing the website to solve various infrastructure-specific issues of the ITEC web business.


  • The outcome of this operation hits more sales than usual and got lots of student engagement within the prior six months of the operation 'ITEC Web-build in Australia.

  • Every day ITEC website had an online presence of around 60% more than the usual visitors and got lots of genuine responses from the RPL customers after the web-build operation.

  • We build an application form management system for collecting all the information regarding the RPL student, which is very comfortable and easy to submit for the users.

  • The website has gotten a new look, and the user experience is very friendly with an easy operating system for anyone. This brings a remarkable success to beat other competitors in the RPL market from the web development services by Quadque.

  • Overall, Quadque helped the ITEC to become the market leader in Australia's student counsel industry through the website responses.

  • From the active operation of website management, ITEC has made an excellent improvement in the google rank and got more SEO generated stage in the online platform.


Case Study - ITEC 2


Case Study - ITEC

"QuadQue has a great contribution and assessments in our online platform to create quality web pages and contexts. Their outstanding web designing services have changed our business grade and we got leads for online visitors."

-Team ITEC


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