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Noble Training Academy (NTA) was established in 2016, and it privately operates Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Our courses are provided within a short process in Australia. We offer the RPL and a range of nationally recognized qualifications from Certificate III to Diploma in the beauty industry. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an evaluation process used by NTA to evaluate a candidate's expertise, skills, knowledge, and experience acquired by working and learning in Australia. Whether through life experience, education, or other activities such as volunteering. NTA can also provide credit for units of competency, which takes less time to complete a certification.

The Challenges

NTA was very much worried about the digital marketing services of their social platforms and had low brand promotions. The social media pages had lots of issues to recover and totally were not properly optimized. Also, the posted contents and images were not appropriated as per the company's proportions. The attached service lists didn't meet the company's target, and they failed to input related contexts to serve the audiences. NTA team was not performing well in the digital marketing sector and had low online promotions activities. NTA's management team failed to run any successful media buying campaigns, which affected their brand value and started to lose the leads dramatically. So, they wanted to endorse some advanced sources for the promotional tasks and settle some specific goals under a budget.

The team of NTA couldn't execute the former student services in this Covid time, and new or existing students' engagements were declining fast. For these changes, the sales of RPL courses were dropping, and the top management was not pleased with the performance. Even there was no social media management and had no parameter controller for those media buying results or page optimization, which caused low graphical flow in the online business for NTA. So, combining a media package of digital marketing and event campaigns, including email marketing, content posting, lead generation, and other online fixing issues, was the top concern for Quadque Technology.

Our Approach

NTA was highly concerned with the current scenario of its existing digital services and other online facilities. We got a proposal from the NTA management, and we had been asked to work on the existing media to be polished. So, we stepped into a digital marketing operation called "NTA Digital" right away; we got the instructions.

Considering the previous condition of the social platforms, we started our first move on the media platforms set up. Our digital specialist optimized the overall scenario of the NTA Facebook business page; also, the other media stages Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumbler, and Medium. To know more depth of the results, we stepped into a plan to maintain a parameter and observed them in daily reports. After the compilation of the page setting, we put the contexts and showcased the RPL services of NTA in the product lists. Later, we mapped out to set the target audiences and regions to operate. So, we researched the market condition and attracted a particular group of people to engage for better results. Considering the client's needs, we followed a working module on-demand service in various online events.

In the next phase, we took some additional steps in the overall view of the online pages by creating unique content based on the business theme. The graphic designers helped design content for the social pages according to the size perfection and almost published 8-12 content per day to engage more visitors. That daily task included various static posts and motion graphics based on the events and services. Even our creative team loved to work on multiple fun posts and unique, engaging posts for NTA's social media. Those designed graphics were super attractive and focused on SEO-friendly for the online mediums. Also, we added other platforms to run the operational functions of their digital marketing broadly. As well as we did monitor jobs for the NTA media pages, and we had a daily schedule for sharing engagement posts in those media throughout the operation.

Following the work lines, the digital marketing team did the operational tasks for the online marketing page with media buying, Facebook followers boosting, creating product promotional content for each online plate, and the content rotations for the total operation periods. We even optimized ads and promotional campaigns on special occasions or events by targeting the NTA audiences. We worked on page promotion to increase likes/followers, and we managed to operate a lead generation campaign for them. Along with that, we provided the services with video content and helped to reach the target views for their YouTube channels. The business developer team adopted different digital marketing strategies and applied those on various tools for more valid results.

On the other hand, every day, our team had a planned schedule to share copy contexts, campaign promotions, blog publications, motion graphics content, ad sense copy, and other relevant services for NTA media platforms. We attended a digital marketing calendar for all tasks and put new ideas for the month in advance. We inspected the overall outcomes of NTA's media marketing traffics, google SEO, branding, and sales demand at the end of the month. Mainly we were focused on the lead's generation and solved various difficulties throughout team meetings every week. Our business development members also did a great help to forecast the operation progress and gave multiple proposals at the meeting.

Finally, the "NTA Digital" operation faced many phases and obstacles to keeping the workflow smooth. Every day we met communication gaps with NTA management and lacked information to complete our day-to-day activities. Still, we played a significant role in maintaining and modernizing the digital marketing framework to solve various NTA online business framework issues.


  • The results from this digital marketing operation help to create brand value, and the engagement was too high where most of them are women, around 97%, and the rest 3% were men.

  • Total 300+ leads were engaged for the RPL courses after Quadque accumulated in the NTA Digital operation. The sales growth reached 50% more than usual that was a big success from the project.

  • From the digital marketing and active online campaign management, NTA has managed to get 24,000 visitors to reach and impressions per month, and that was a tremendous improvement in branding.

  • They got genuine free website traffic with the active operation by Quadque and also got 20 plus assessment applications for each month. Also, got some assessments from the ad’s promotions.

  • We managed to bring a triggered number of pages likes and followers for Facebook, Instagram, and other online media. Also, our YouTube video program for NTA had a smooth going flow.

  • Along with this operation, we selected several target groups, mainly depending on the woman’s interests. We even got huge responses from an email marketing campaign, which reached 1000 plus from one active event.

  • This RTO can bring remarkable success to beat competitors in the RPL market. Overall, Quadque helped NTA become the market leader and fabricate values in the beauty industry around Australia.


"Quadque has made an outstanding outcome in our social platforms by creating quality channels and excellent media content. Their digital marketing and modern online campaigns services have developed our business brand value, grade and help to meet the target lead from the online platforms."

-Team NTA


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