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S.A. Packing & co. is a growing online packaging supplier that makes customized non-oven tissue bags for branding. They started their activities in January 2021 and have successfully operated the packing business over those past months. They are entirely targeting the zones for Dhaka and Chittagong. In a short time, they manage to become one of the popular packing suppliers at Mohammadpur.

The Challenge

S.A. Packing was totally new in this market, and they wanted to run their activities through online business and other digital platforms. Also, they had to build identity design for their business branding and increase awareness. They even wanted to make a new start-up to perform online along with the company's services.

The main tasks were

  • To build new business digital platforms for the S.A. Packing in the packaging industry.
  • Describe the applicable contexts and detailed information for their online business.
  • They need a unique and outstanding logo design for their online visibility.
  • To choose and put the best shades based on the company's logo for crafting along with the services.
  • There needed to attach various relevant images and cover photo graphics inside the business pages.
  • To add relevant details, product listing, and comprehensive information to introduce their packaging services.
  • Making the specified navigation platforms to add the page mapping in the google map.
  • Giving a modern restaurant web platform that would be economical and friendly usable for a great user experience.
  • Developing a review or quires bar at the Reviews and Recommendation" menu along with the interrogation of google Maps.
  • Also, managing the page's brand awareness and helping to do local SEO based on specified terms.
  • Overall, creating, developing, and maintaining the media pages for S.A. Packing & co. was the prime deal to execute by Quadque Technology.

Our Approach

  • Quadque launched an operation program for S.A. Packing's digital promotion immediately after signing the agreement. We started our project operation by creating and developing the Facebook business page and Instagram accounts considering the mentioned conditions.

  • At first, we began our digital marketing project with a few ideas for the company's services. Later, we did the business identity design and generated some samples of our idea creations.

  • Regarding this matter, our analytical team helped to research overall feedback and forecasting results. Then we stepped into a plan to maintain a parameter and observed them in daily reports.

  • After the finalization of page setup and putting the contexts, we showcased the packaging services of S.A. packing in the product section. Later, we planned to work on the target audiences and regions to run engagement campaigns throughout the operation.

  • We operated our services through page manager and maintained all the relevant tasks. We did the maintenance and page optimizing jobs for the S.A. packing and adopted various strategies to manage the media pages as per the client's demands.

  • Next, we emphasized the decorative frames and better outlooks design to put an outstanding view on each page. We designed the page with the help of our design team and made sample cover photos for the Facebook banner.

  • On the development part, the creative team added essential media features like motion graphics, micro-interaction, component sections, and other necessary aspects, covering service showcase, category, product filter, and packing content to engage visitors.

  • We added some vital external features for their business, including service photos and a product menu selection navigation bar. Also, we did the google Maps features along with the location set up for their physical store.

  • Besides that, we worked on copy content sharing and other caption generation for the Facebook and Instagram posts. We put 4-6 contents where our developed contents were super SEO friendly, dynamic and healthy speed optimized for the social platforms.

  • Considering the client requirements, we ran engagement campaigns throughout the operation period and also did brand and page boost campaigns for Facebook and Instagram, respectively.

  • We also assisted in doing some partial tasks to follow up the local SEO in Google My Business (GMB) and did media buying promotions for Dhaka and Chittagong centric with some specified terms for the S.A. Packing & co.

  • For the following operation, we maintained a fixed schedule calendar for all individual's post-development. At the end of each month, we researched the overall web traffic results, SEO, branding, visitor engagement and solved any unwanted conflicts throughout team meetings. Our business development members helped to forecast the upcoming issues observing the current scenario, and propose various plans at the meeting.

  • Finally, the S.A. Packing & co.'s digital marketing operation had to go through many objections and communication gaps in the common source of information to finish our daily activities. Still, we managed to finalize our assigned job to build the media pages under terms and conditions.


    • With this digital operation, S.A. Packing managed to pull a great sale online, and still, they are getting the essential benefits of the media promotion by the time.

    • As there was no previous online marketing, so the management team was troubled with online presence, which the Quadque covers. The sales rise up to 40% more and almost double the business outcomes, and they get lots of online customer engagement within the prior operation in Bangladesh.

    • S.A. Packing & co. had an online presence of around 100,000+ impressions for the total timeline and got lots of genuine responses where about 8000+ people got engaged with the page activities after this digital marketing operation was held.

    • The total media buying campaign reach was 33,000 units, and among them, 25% had good leads, and the rest had some significant roles. Almost every day, 100 people find their business profile by searching with the business name and address. The product categories and services are searched by the rest.

    • In the operations days, we managed to get 2000+ likes and followers for their online stage. Among them, 75% hit the like button and became genuine followers for further engaging purposes.

    • From the active operation of digital marketing management, the S.A. Packing has improved in the google rank by mapping and got more SEO generated sets in the online platform as people request the directions in Google Maps instantly.

    • Overall, S.A. Packing & co. has become the market leader of the online packaging industry through social media promotions and online traffic while getting the restoration services by Quadque Technology.


    "We are very pleased with the digital services that helped optimize our business pages and other online marketing sectors. Not only that, we manage to make outstanding sales result with the accumulation of Quadque Technology Ltd... "

    -Team S.A. Packing


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