Alpha Technical Training (ATT)

Alpha Technical Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO code: 45289) based in New South Wales, Australia.



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Service Used

Website development, Domain Hosting, Digital Marketing,Social Media Management, Lead Generation, SEO service.


ATT website (WordPress) 

Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin)


Media post, blog post, copy content, visual Ad.

Key Takeaways

ATT was worried about their online presence and how engaged their customers were, since they hadn't set up any digital platforms before. Our strategy was to make ATT's brand identity shine through on their website and connect with their customers. We wanted to improve ATT's online presence, bring in potential customers, and give them all the information they needed about the company's services.


Alpha Technical Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO code: 45289) based in New South Wales, Australia. With years of experience in the industry, Alpha Technical Training has established itself as a reputable provider of formal certifications and courses. The organisation has been instrumental in helping numerous students achieve their certifications by providing comprehensive training programs and conducting rigorous assessment exams. Alpha Technical Training places a strong emphasis on student convenience and offers a variety of study options to accommodate different learning needs.

Alpha Technical Training has a team of trainers and teachers who are experts in their fields and bring that knowledge to their classes. By putting quality first and taking into account how each student is different, the team makes sure that training sessions have an effect. Students who are having trouble with their courses are helped by having access to useful resources and a large number of resources. Alpha Technical Training prepares students for the challenges of a modern job by giving them training that works and is useful. Their goal is to be Australia's best-known training centre, known for its high-quality training and equipment.

The Challenge

ATT faced challenges with their online presence and brand promotions. The absence of a website, Google Business profile, and social media channels limited their ability to effectively showcase their training programs and reach their target audience. Without a website, ATT lacked a central hub where potential students could access information about the organisation, its courses, and facilities. This created a barrier to reaching and engaging with a wider audience who relied heavily on online platforms for research and decision-making. Additionally, without a Google Business profile, ATT missed out on the opportunity to enhance its visibility in local search results and provide essential business information to potential students, such as location, contact details, and reviews.

Due to the lack of social media platforms, it was hard for ATT to market their brand and connect with their audience. Social media sites are a great way to connect with students, share news and feedback, and take part in important conversations. But without these platforms, ATT had trouble communicating directly with their target audience. This made it hard to build brand recognition, get people involved, and respond quickly to questions or concerns.

Our Approach

The Quadque web development team started working on the ATT web-development program. We paid a lot of attention to the website's look and how it works as a whole. Our goal was to make a professional website that would show off all of ATT's services. We got domain hosting services and web security services for them.

Our team came up with a plan to help ATT deal with the problems it was having in the digital world. We worked on setting up and optimising ATT's social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. By closely monitoring daily reports, we fine-tuned our approach for better results.

In addition to that, we provided search engine optimization services for their website. Their organic search results, website traffic, and website visitors that convert into leads will all improve as a result. They will be able to receive quality traffic and better target its audience if it focuses on keywords and makes adjustments to the elements on the page.


  •  ATT web-development program taken by Quadque Technology had a significant impact on the business, resulting in increased student engagement within the last six months.

  • The new ATT website experienced a boost in online presence by approximately 80%, attracting a larger audience and generating more traffic.

  • The revamped website helped ATT surpass its competitors in the RPL market by offering superior web development services and attracting a larger customer base.

  • ATT witnessed a substantial increase in sales, surpassing previous records and achieving a growth rate of 60% in the last quarter.

  •  ATT web-development prograt also contributed to improved search engine rankings and increased visibility in the online world through effective campaign management and SEO strategies.



"We are extremely satisfied with the web development and digital marketing services provided by Quadque. Their expertise and dedication have helped us achieve remarkable results, with increased online presence, higher customer engagement, and significant sales growth. Quadque has been instrumental in our success.”
- Team ATT

What we have learnt

During our collaboration with ATT, we gained valuable insights into effective communication and project management. We learned the importance of regular and open communication with the client to ensure project success. Additionally, we acquired knowledge and expertise in website maintenance, modernization, and addressing specific challenges related to ATT's online presence.

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