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Auswide Rpls is a reputable student counsel centre that was established in 2023, based in Sydney, Australia.



Student Counsel Center

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Website development, website manage and maintenance, Domain Hosting, Digital Marketing, SEO, Blog Writing, Social Media Management, Lead Generation.


Auswide Rpls website (WordPress)
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Key Takeaways

Auswide Rpls needed our help with web development and digital marketing. With the goal of giving Auswide Rpls a strong online presence, we used our web development skills to create and build a website that is easy to use. Also, our digital marketing strategies were meant to make them more visible online, attract a bigger audience, and send more people to their website who were interested in what they had to offer.


Auswide Rpls is a reputable student counsel centre that was established in 2023, based in Sydney, Australia. With a commitment to providing top-notch services,They quickly gained recognition and established itself as a trusted organisation in the industry. They have affiliated with some of the best educational institutions in Australia.

Auswide Rpls serve a wide variety of sectors and backgrounds. RPL assessments, which recognise prior learning, are their main offerings.Auswide Rpls also offers short courses and licensing programmes to improve qualifications and open new professional paths. Auswide Rpls has helped over 1,000 students reach their goals. Many of their students have earned certificates and found success in trades, support services, hospitality, and other fields thanks to their focused services.

The Challenge

Auswide Rpls, a student counsel centre, faces several challenges due to its new agency status and lack of online presence. The lack of an organisation website or online platform is one of the main challenges. Without a website, they were losing out on the chance to create a digital presence, advertise their services, and connect with potential customers online.

Auswide Rpls also have trouble because they don't have a Google Business Profile (GBP) name. A business needs a GBP page because it makes them more visible in Google search results and maps. Without a GPB profile, the student counselling service is missing out on a great way to connect with local clients and build trust. Without online reviews, it might be hard for possible clients to figure out how good their services are or if they can trust the company.Auswide Rpls also don't have any social media channels. These platforms give a chance to connect with the target audience, share useful information, and establish as a thought leader in the area of student counselling.

Overall,the main challenge is to build an online presence by making a website, Google Business Profile and using social media, blogs, and articles to connect with their target audience. Aside from that, it is also important to implement effective SEO strategies and optimise their online content for keyword ranking to get more publicity and clients.

Our Approach

Quadque team realised that Auswide Rpls needed an online profile, so we started the Auswide Web-creation our first step was to create them a professional website. We bought domain hosting and built a user-friendly website to demonstrate their wide range of services and skills. We also set up a webmail system to make sure that contact with clients and stakeholders went smoothly.

Recognising the importance of local presence, we also established an Auswide Rpls Google Business Profile. This profile makes it easier for potential clients to reach them via Google search results, increasing their online discoverability. There was a change needed for the logo. Our design team redesigned the logo making it more vibrant. In order to ensure uniformity across all marketing materials and channels, we also produced a thorough brand guideline.

In the next phase our digital marketing team took the tasks of creating and managing social media channels for Auswide Rpls. We created facebook ,instagram, youtube and linkedin account.we are managing these channels. These channels serve as a medium to engage with their audience, share updates and industry news, and attract potential clients through targeted social media marketing campaigns. In addition, we conducted extensive keyword research for Auswide Rpls to enhance their website's search engine rankings and attract a larger audience. Our team used advanced SEO tools and methods to find keywords and phrases that their target audience would find useful.

During our time working with Auswide Rpls, we ran into problems and phases that needed us to work hard to make sure everything went smoothly. Our team played a crucial role in creating and enhancing the digital marketing operations of Auswide Rpls. Overall, our digital strategy aims to elevate their online presence and establish them as a recognized and reputable organisation in their industry.


  • The result of this operation helped to create Nice, smooth and user-friendly website. Website filled with proper description/content.

  • With the creation of the Google Business Profile, Auswide Rpls became more discoverable and visible to potential clients. 

  • The GPB listing enhanced their credibility and trustworthiness, as clients could now easily access essential business information and reviews.

  • The creation of social media channels allowed Auswide Rpls to engage with their target audience directly.Within the first month, they experienced over 100+ leads, demonstrating the effectiveness of the social media strategy.

  • Additionally, three conversions occurred in the immediate month, indicating the successful conversion of leads into actual clients.

  • Auswide Rpls' website saw improvements in search engine rankings for targeted keywords. Some keywords ranked on the first page of Google search results, significantly increasing their visibility.

  • The on-page, off-page, and technical SEO optimization efforts contributed to their improved rankings.

  • Regular SEO audits ensured that their website maintained a strong technical foundation, improving overall user experience and search engine crawlability.



"Quadque has played a significant role in enhancing our website's performance by providing top-notch web design and development services. Their expertise in marketing has elevated our business to new heights, attracting a higher number of online visitors and improving the overall quality of our web pages and social media channels."
- Team Auswide Rpls


What we have learnt

Auswide Rpls presented us with an exciting opportunity to provide our web development, SEO, and digital marketing services. Throughout the project, we encountered various challenges but managed to overcome them effectively. Communication with the Auswide Rpls team was crucial for the success of our daily tasks, and we ensured to bridge any communication gaps that arose. 

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