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A reputed Australian RTO that offers a vibrant and unique learning experience for students. PHP, Laravel, Vue.js, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.



RTO in EDUCATION INDUSTRY (Business, Trade, English and Hospitality)

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Website theme design, development and maintenance


PHP, Laravel, Vue.js, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap


Web copywriting,articles, blogs

Key Takeaways

Developing a well-designed website for an educational organisation like IBM was not a straightforward task. We had to analyse several strategies and approached before implementing any practical step in our plan. We conducted in-depth research of the websites of major competitors before developing this website. One of the key factors in our overall strategy was to maintain regular communication with the management of IBM to receive their feedbacks. As a reputed training provider, IBM has years of industry experience in this sector. Therefore, their suggestions were instrumental in ensuring an effective service for the client.

Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in the Education Industry (Business, Trade, English, and Hospitality). Website theme design, development, and maintenance.


Institute of Business and Management, Victoria (IBM) enables Australian people to progress to professional education or training programs while they are already experienced and want to grow a sharp career line. Under some conditions, IBM provides a quick pathway to a higher professional qualification or equivalent degree. If you've been thinking about going for a long career, this can make the process much easier for any student through Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

The Challenge

There are many reputed RTOs in the Australian education industry with a strong online presence. Earlier, IBM had a separate website. But it was not performing well due to various glitches and a poor design. The lack of a good website was a severe competitive disadvantage for IBM. This meant that prospective students and others could not readily get any information about the RTO. The management wanted a new, properly-developed website to redefine their online identity.        

So we had to ensure the successful completion of the following tasks:  

  • Building a well-structured website with a proper domain name suited for an Australian RTO.  

  • Using relevant graphics, themes, and images in different pages of the website, including the home, courses, and other menus.   

  • Developing an intuitive menu bar.   

  • Emphasis on a smooth User Experience (UX) with a progressive look.    

  • Providing a detailed description of IBM along with their services and portfolio.   

  • Optimising performance by ensuring faster loading times and preventing any glitches or bugs.  

  • In a nutshell, Quadque Technologies had to develop a smart website for IBM and properly maintain it.  

Our Approach

  • After an agreement was reached with IBM, the Quadque team quickly developed an action plan for Project IBM (Web Build). When we had received the work order, we commenced our operations.   

  • Initially, we had to choose a domain name for the website. We provided the client with a few alternatives to choose from. We ensured the domain service through registration. After that, we started working on identity design and came up with some ideas for web page development.  

  • Quadque conducted overall research on the different features that would make an amazing site. Experts from different teams, such as the senior web developer and the graphic designer, shared their views on further improvements. After getting the green signal from IBM, we started building the web themes by mainly using Laravel and PHP. The themes were designed after analysing the other top RTOs in Australia.    

  • In the next step, we designed the necessary designs and decorations so that the pages have outstanding visuals. We experimented with premium web plugins and themes for the best possible result. The design team and the UI/UX designer collaborated to create an attractive looking banner that was user-friendly as well. We chose an appropriate primary colour (a shade of orange) for the site’s theme.  

  • IBM’s courses were categorised in an organised and interactive way using appealing graphics.  

  • We developed an interactive login portal for the students where they can get more information about news updates, courses, and curriculums.  

  • A query form option was included as well. Here the students can check the status of their certificates.    

  • The development team mainly used HTML and PHP. They worked on more details, like creating different sections and the hover.   

  • SEO-friendly content was uploaded to the pages for more traffic.   

  • Regular maintenance was a part of the whole process. Quadque and IBM worked together for the overall management.  

  • Our plan had a fixed schedule that was shared with the client. It was updated whenever necessary. We also measured the overall site performance periodically. Some of the key performance metrics were SEO, traffic, and visitor engagement. We completed this project in 2 months.


  • With its modern UI and stunning visuals, the new IBM website has received an amazing response since the beginning of its operation. Enrolments almost tripled compared to the previous traditional model without any website.  

  • The online presence was good, with around 200+ site visitors every day. Moreover, around 60 customers engaged with the site in a period of 6 months.   

  • During that same period of 6 months, IBM received almost 50 queries about their courses. Their Business and Trade courses were the most popular.  


  • The SEO-friendly content made sure that the website maintained a good rank in Google search results.     
  • The new IBM website was mostly bug-free and had great functionality across all devices, including computers and smartphones. We focused on the site speed and fixed any issues that we faced.  

  • Due to all of these factors, IBM soon enjoyed a good online presence and a strong position in the RTO industry in Australia thanks to the web development services provided by Quadque Technologies.  


"We are thankful for our website’s creation! Throughout the time, we received regular support and answers to our queries. The overall process was clear and straightforward!" -Team IBM

What we have learnt

The Zaker Dairy E-commerce web build operation faced numerous challenges and communication breakdowns, but we shared a common source of information to complete daily tasks. Even so, we succeeded in finishing the task we were given to build the Zaker Dairy online store in accordance with the rules.

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