Office Mate

A comprehensive Australian e-commerce website for purchasing stationery items and office supplies. Website design, development, and maintenance.



Australian e-commerce website in the stationery items and office supplies industry

Service Used

Website design, development, and maintenance


WordPress CMS


Web copywriting, an overview of the business, and product descriptions

Key Takeaways

An important step for any e-commerce website is to develop suitable content to encourage the website visitors to make a purchase. Since Office Mate specialises in selling products belonging to a particular market, our goal was to develop engaging and impactful content for the target audience of their products. We spent some time studying the trends of this industry before implementing anything. We also had to understand how the e-commerce industry in Australia works. Our aim was to create informative product descriptions and promotional offers by utilising attractive content on the Office Mate website.

Web copywriting, overview of the business, and product descriptions. Platform - WordPress.


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The Challenge

A dedicated website with the right capabilities is necessary for any e-commerce business. E-commerce is a highly competitive industry in Australia. By 2024, the market is predicted to reach $32.3 billion, according to an International Trade Administration (ITA) report. With big names such as eBay Australia and Amazon Australia, it’s nearly impossible to survive without having a stable website with proper content. Office Mate did not have a website in the beginning. They not only needed a good platform but also wanted to stand out among the various online competitors. When we were first approached by the Office Mate team, we knew that it would not be a straightforward task.  

The biggest obstacles that we had to overcome were:  

  • Developing a user-friendly e-commerce platform with an appropriate domain name from the ground up. As such, Office Mate had no existing platform to serve as an example. We had to rely on our expertise and research.  

  • Creating suitable visuals and using high-quality pictures to attract customers.  

  • Designing an interactive theme that is easy to navigate as well.   

  • Creating content for the website covering Office Mate’s business, their products, and web copies for branding.  

  • The Office Mate platform also had to be connected to the other business functions.  

  • Ensuring stability and high performance during the maintenance stage.  

Our Approach

  • Project Office Mate (Web Build) began after receiving the work order. This project was slightly different from other web development assignments completed by the Quadque team.   

  • For Office Mate, we needed to have a clear understanding of the e-commerce sector of Australia. We needed to understand what the customers there wanted. We had to get acquainted with different office and stationery items as well.  

  • Therefore, unlike other cases, we didn’t jump into research or planning right away. We divided the whole team and held separate meetings with the Office Mate management to identify their specific requirements.  

  • The Quadque team then deeply studied the trends and business practices of the online shops in Australia. The products of Office Mate were also studied. This was done to build an online presence that resonates with the company itself.  

  • After spending enough time studying all these factors, a plan with the detailed steps of website development, content creation, and design strategy was shared with the client management. We included domain name options and the tentative dates of our operations with the plan.  

  • After making the necessary adjustments based on the client’s response, we started the main work. Initially, our design and UI/UX teams worked closely to develop impactful designs with the best interface.   

  • Clear pictures of products were used on the website for the customers' convenience. Attractive designs and themes were deployed.  

  • Our development team used WordPress for the Office Mate website.

  • Different sections, including promotional offers and customer service, were placed appropriately for easy access.   

  • We also created a simple, easy-to-use login and registration portal for the customers. 

  • We made it easy for online shoppers to search for a particular product according to brand and category. They can also search for products directly.     

  • Our content team developed gripping content for the website copies, product descriptions, and business overview.  

  • The platform was effectively connected with the Facebook and Instagram accounts of Office Mate.  

  • We took special care to reduce crashes or glitches during the maintenance phase. It took 3 weeks to finish this web development project. 


  • As a new website, the Office Mate platform showed very impressive results.  

  • In a span of just 4 months, Office Mate enjoyed approximately 1000+ visits every month. More than 300 customer engagements took place, along with 200+ queries about products and offers.  

  • The clear pictures, attractive themes, and beautiful designs attracted more visitors.  

  • Customers could easily go to different pages through the interactive menu.  

  • Customers can quickly access company policies, terms, and conditions.

  • The website has informative descriptions of stationery and office products, their brands, and categories.  

  • The Quadque maintenance team quickly responded to minor issues like slow loading or picture errors.  

  • Office Mate was satisfied with our service. We had solid teamwork and reached our goals on time. 



"We lacked a visually pleasing website for our e-commerce business and also needed web maintenance services. Luckily, Quadque Technologies worked closely with our team to clearly understand our requirements. We are very happy with what they did!" -Team Office Mate

What we have learnt

Office Mate was satisfied with our services. They experienced an appreciable increase in their overalls sales after the implementation of their website. Projects like this one is always an exciting challenge for Quadque. We are also satisfied with our work and happy to deliver an awesome website to this rising Australian e-commerce business.

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