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E-commerce Web Design, Development, and Maintenance services.


Zaker Dairy E-commerce Website (PHP, Laravel)


Web Copywriting (Article, Blogs)

Key Takeaways

With the e-commerce services and other web platforms, Zaker Dairy was having issues. Even their website wasn't appropriate, and the pages that were there didn't reflect the company's outlooks. The company's background was not reflected in the posted images, and no relevant content was added to better serve website visitors.

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Zaker Dairy Farm Ltd. is a domestic dairy manufacturer granary. The farm has provided 100% fresh & natural milk since 1994. Through the years, we have come to take pride in the quality of our dairy products and the way we do business. We sell different kinds of sweets, yogurt, ghee, and much more milk concerning the product. We also have bakery products like bread, buns, cookies, cakes, etc. Zaker Dairy Firm is committed to 100% halal and organic milk and confectionery products throughout the country. We are proud to have been able to supply pure milk and dairy products within the country. Our mission is to improve and produce quality confectionery and dairy products and to be the most trusted and preferred brand for every household in Bangladesh.

The Challenge

Zaker Dairy was troubling with the E-commerce services and other web platforms. Even they didn't have any appropriate website, and the existing webpages were not suitable with the company's outlooks. The posted images didn't match the company's background, and they failed to insert related content to serve the web visitors. The web colors were not adopting along with the company's required theme, and the company's logo was not made as per the business subject. On the Zaker dairy website, relevant details, product listing, and information were not added, and no blog section was conducting no interest among the viewers. Along with that, the visitors were getting problems with the login menu for E-commerce shopping. Each site page was slow to reload, and sometimes it showed difficulty to browse, and users faced glitching issues.

As a result, the new visitors were not engaging, sales were dropping, and the e-customers of Zaker dairy were spending less time on the web pages. So, here, the main challenges were to develop a modern ecommerce platform that would be economical and friendly accessible for a pleasant user experience. Furthermore, the combination of e-commerce website development and web pages glitched fixing issues were the prime deal to execute by Quadque Technology.

Our Approach

Initially, Quadque launched an operation on the Zaker Dairy E-commerce Website to build immediately after signing the agreement. Considering the aforementioned conditions, we straight back to the e-commerce site operation by creating and developing the website. We started our web build program with few ideas of the site's name, then we selected the business and domain name and registered for the domain service. Later, we did the business identity design and generated some of the web build idea creations for the pages. Our researched crew helped to make a list of the possible findings of this website construction and discussed with the senior web developer to improve those. In the next step, after getting the confirmation from the client's end, we picked a web customized theme according to Zaker's Dairy's business model. Next, we worked on the E-commerce design to put outstanding outlooks on each page. We redesigned the website functionalities with a new web plugin and a premium-ready theme.


Along with this, we made the UI/UX development to change the pattern of the website view. Our web design team created some ready samples and presented them at the meeting. Later on, we had selected one of those and set the finalized design for the pages.


In the web development of the Zaker Dairy e-commerce website, our backend service was operated through the programmer teams by using Laravel framework and PHP coding and maintained all the relevant data in the database. The programmer also helped in the Backend and Frontend tasks for a better user interface. We supported the Zaker Dairy website for the whole operation period and adopted various web page management strategies per the client's demands. The programmer team added key web features like hover, motion graphics, micro-interaction, component sections, and other necessary aspects, including product showcase, category, product filter, and unique content to engage visitors. Besides that, we worked on article sharing and other content publications for the Zaker dairy website. Our developed website was super SEO friendly, dynamic and healthy speed optimized for the ecommerce website of Zaker Dairy.


Finally, the Zaker Dairy E-commerce web build operation had to go through many objections and communication gaps and had a common source of information to finish our daily activities. Still, we managed to complete our assigned job to build the Zaker Dairy e-commerce website under terms and conditions.


  • With this e-commerce operation, Zaker Dairy pulled a great sale online, and still, they are getting the essential benefits of the e-commerce site.  


  • The sales rise almost double the usual traditional business market and get lots of online customer engagement within the prior operation month in Bangladesh.  


  • Every day Zaker Dairy website has an online presence of around 200+ unique visitors and got lots of genuine responses from the customers after the Ecommerce web-build operation.  


  • We build a registration module management system for collecting all the information of the customer's interest and online purchase from the E-commerce site, which is very comfortable and easy to login for the users.  


  • The E-commerce website has gotten an aesthetic look, and the user experience is very collaborating with an easy operating system through any smartphone.  


  • From the active operation of website management, the Zaker Dairy website has improved the google rank and got more SEO generated stage in the online platform.  


  • Overall, Quadque helped Zaker Dairy become the market leader of the sweet industry through the ecommerce website's traffic and restoration.



"We are very pleased and very much satisfied with our E-commerce website's outcome and the theme development. Thinking of the feature of our ecommerce site, we get an online platform with quality contexts and designs. The outstanding web designing and development services have brought remarkable success to beat other competitors in the food chain market by Quadque Technology Ltd.” Zaker Dairy.

What we have learnt

The Zaker Dairy E-commerce web build operation faced numerous challenges and communication breakdowns, but we shared a common source of information to complete daily tasks. Even so, we succeeded in finishing the task we were given to build the Zaker Dairy online store in accordance with the rules.

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