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What Is SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) And Its Phases

Today, it is hardly possible to imagine any activity not powered by some kind of computer-related process. In this process software development plays an essential role and there is a certain framework that developers use to produce high-quality software efficiency and cost-effective way to help your grow business ability. As a custom software development company, our software engineers know how to choose the SDLC model based on the project context and the business requirements.

Software Development- the thing you should know

People often ask about software development. It is a process to create computer software using one more specific programming language that provides functionality to address particular business or personal objectives. The development of software is usually a planned initiative with several steps and stages. It is a methodical operation that includes designing, preparing the specification, development, bug fixing, testing, and documentation. The fact is, you need to plan, create the building specs, build the structure and then inspect it to make sure it complies with standards, which is similar to building a house.

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Choosing the right software development partner is the key factor for your business. The competition is high and getting tougher day by day. The business requirements are becoming complex and consumers are changing.  Every business is different as well as its requirements are different. It exposes that a customized software solution is best suited to meet these unique requirements. Our company team is the best software development firm in the country. We have much smarter manpower who are willing to work on your project relentlessly. If you are searching for web apps, mobile apps, technical expertise for your existing software, outsource for a project, maintaining and testing, we are the go-to-go solution for your business. As your digital transformation partner our custom software development skills will be with you every step of the way – from initial planning to delivery, and beyond.

The framework of our Software Development Life Style (SDLC)

The software development life cycle or SDLC is an important tool utilized in software development. It is a framework that the development team use starts from the moment when it’s decided to launch the project, and it ends at the moment of its full removal from the exploitation. Our SDLC structure helps the development team to meet the project recruitments, meet deadlines and stay within the budget. Here we will take look at the software development process steps to see the ways how the perfect product is launched

Planning Project

Every software development project planning comes first. In this phase project leaders evaluate the terms of the project and try to clearly define the scope and the purpose of the whole project. Initially, the project team sits with the stakeholders to agree on some factors that will influence the development process. Purpose of the software, which programming languages are going to be used, what kind of data will input in the software, what data will be the output given by the software, cost management for the whole project, etc. issues are discussed in the planning procedure.

System & Requirements Analysis

The second step is to system and requirement analysis for the project. Requirements Gathering is an essential part of any software development project. In this stage, we work on the source of the problem or the requirement for change. By working on the problem, all possible problems should be analyzed to discover the best solution for the ultimate goals of the project. It helps companies finalize the timeline and costs of software development, while also detailing the risks involved and providing contingency plans to mitigate those risks to identify business opportunities and is defined to facilitate system design.

Design & Architecture

All great software starts with great design and architecture. Software design provides a design plan that describes the elements of a system, how they suit and work together to accomplish the requirement of the system and. An architecture identifies requirements that affect the structure of the application. It provides software designers a plan to manage the system depth and establish a communication and adjustment mechanism among components. At this point, after getting the necessary system and requirement analysis our project teamwork for data structure and algorithm selection or implementation details of individual components.

Development & Coding

In this phase, our developers are engaged closely to do the main work for the project. The necessary element and functionalities of the software are created in this very stage. Our developer builds their codebase within the development environment, then merges it with the collaborating teams in a common build environment.  By following pre-defined coding guidelines like NET, Java, PHP, C++, Node.js, Ruby, Python, etc., and also using the required programming tools, they write the pre-determined language tools and eventually implement them for software development.

Integration & Testing

After proper development of software is implemented during a test environment, where the testing team checks the functionality system on the idea of design documents provided to it. In this phase, our team investigates the performance of the software and discovers the potential issues to fix or address. Tests are going to be performed until the top user finds a suitable version.

Implementation & Deployment

This stage involves the real installation of the newly deployed system. It is almost the final stage of the SDLC pipeline when we are passed the required test of the software. This allows our stakeholders to safely play with the product before releasing it to the market. Sometimes product implementation is done in this stage, in line with the company strategy.

Maintenance & Support

The final phase of the software development life cycle includes maintenance and support. This process is followed wherein it will be maintained and upgraded from time to time to adapt to changes. Here users can increase the performance of the system or add some new features if they want to. Our team follows the best application software maintenance practice to make your software robust and secure. Logical errors, coding errors, design errors, support utility modification, operating system integration, etc. problems are revised by our project team to your software for the transformational need of your business.



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