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Do You Know The Pros & Cons of Internet of Things? If Not, Know It Now!

Internet of Things (IoT) is best known as the internet working of objects, machines, computing devices and more, that are embedded with the key identifiers & have the ability to transmit the data over a specific network.

A large number of services and intelligence delivered to the table, have all the potential to significantly shape the everyday lives of the individuals that how they manage the cities, and even how they grow the food.

Internet of Things (IoT), one of the raging technologies, has revolutionized the mobile app development industry and is attracting end-users with its captivating benefits and features.

Some of the pros of the Internet of Things (IoT) are:

  1. Cost Savings: It makes communication between electronic appliances effective in such a manner that it can conserve and save cost and energy. Thereby it’s beneficial for people in their daily routines. By allowing the data to be distributed and transferred between electronic devices and then translating it into the required way, IoT is making the systems efficient.
  1. Information: When individuals have more information, one can make better decisions. From general decisions to complex decisions it helps abundantly.
  1. Communication: IoT supports Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication (communication between devices). The physical devices are capable to remain connected hence; total transparency is out there with greater quality and lesser inefficiencies.
  1. Automation and Control: With this functionality, all the machines are capable to talk with each other without human intervention which leads to prompt output.
  1. Increased Productivity: The Internet of Things offers timely training for the employees, improves labor efficiency, and also reduced mismatch of skills while increasing organizational productivity.

IoT is very effective in this growing world. But, like every rose has its thorn it also has some flaws. Some of the cons of the Internet of Things (IoT) are:

  1. Over Dependency on Technology: In the current run, it is observed that the younger generation is a technology freak and they depend upon technology and its devices for every little thing. With the assistance of IoT, this dependency will become even more in daily routines. Completely counting on IoT devices may create trouble just in case of a non-working or crash of an IoT infrastructure.
  1. Losing Security on Privacy:  The involvement of different technologies and devices leads to constant monitoring by more than one company, which directly questions the security and privacy issues. Data retrieval and storage also becomes a serious concern for the businesses because all of them are involved at an equivalent time. When there’s only one company, it may lead to the question of domination.
  1. Lesser Employment Prospects: IoT automates daily activities thus there will be fewer requirements of human resources and less educated staff, which may create employment issues in the society.
  1. Complexity: There is the possibility of failure if all the complex systems are integrated. Failures can reach a peak in the case of the Internet-of-Things.

These pros and cons have been taken into account by QuadQue Technologies, which is an Australian based IT company in Bangladesh. QuadQue has been providing AI & IoT solutions for its clients to automate and generate an effective user experience.



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