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Best illustrators work of all time

Whether it’s advertising, product packaging, editorial content or any other type of graphic design, illustrations are an important part of any creative’s arsenal. Creative professionals like UI & UX designers and graphic designers need to draw inspiration from different illustrators and their work. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and Behance have become popular platforms where illustrators from all over the world are demonstrating their creative skills and work. But with so many illustrators out there, it can be difficult to choose the best ones. So today, we are going to present our list of the top 10 illustrators in 2023.

Our List of the Top 10 Amazing Illustrators in 2023

While there are many talented illustrators working today, here are 10 of the most inspiring and innovative illustrators working today. This list aims to inspire graphic designers or UI/UX designers to experiment with new ideas. So let’s take a look.

1. Mason London

Joe Prytherch, better known by his pseudonym Mason London, is an inspiring illustrator who has ventured into the NFT industry recently. One of the special things about Mason London is his unique approach to every artwork. This trademark style of Mason makes him an amazing creative who has numerous high-profile clients.

2. Catalina Estrada

Catalina Estrada has well-developed brush skills and has produced different designs focusing on patterns inspired by nature. Her works are colourful and she prefers working on different surfaces. She maintains a presence on Instagram, so you can check out her page to see some beautiful illustrations.

3. Mia Charro

Hailing from Spain, Mia Charro is a competent illustrator whose Instagram page showcases some of her work. Her artworks are colourful but visually soothing at the same time. There is not a lot of emphasis on strong colours. Rather, she focuses on subtle features, drawing inspiration from nature and fables.

4. Brooke Glaser

If you’re looking for a well-rounded creative with diverse skills, you should definitely check out Brooke Glaser. She is a skilled art instructor and her techniques focus on using vibrant colours and creating a happy mood. You should go through her artwork if you are looking for some ideas for children’s art.

5. Ryan Putnam

If there is someone who follows an unorthodox style of creative process, it’s Ryan Putnam. He has diverse creative skills and produces work in different disciplines. He also provides classes on Skillshare. There is no doubt that you will find his techniques and approach very unique. His special attributes and skills make him stand out from the crowd.

6. Lucas Zanotto

Lucas Zanotto is an Italian designer and animator who specialises in 3D character modelling. He is one of the best experts in this field, as he can give a whole new life to simple animations by utilising the most basic shapes. We highly suggest checking him out. He currently owns a company that specialises in creating content for children and has won multiple awards.

7. Karlotta Freier

Looking for some creative ideas focusing on comic art? If so, take a look at some of the artwork by Karlotta Freier. She is a versatile comic artist and a very skilled illustrator. Some of her work caught our eye; she definitely puts a great deal of effort into every little detail of her work. She also has several reputed clients.

8. Yeye Weller

A German illustrator, Yeye Weller is a talented creative who uses different techniques to produce retro-inspired ideas. Some of his trademark artworks feature bold typefaces and he has a very interesting approach to art. His artworks can be a great source of inspiration to develop new UI/UX design ideas.

9. Dinara Mirtalipova

Dinara has worked with a number of reputed brands and uses a wide range of media and techniques to produce interesting artwork. Her work usually features Central Asian folklore, as she was raised in Uzbek culture. Her vast experience and traditional concepts make her one of our favourite illustrators out there.

10. Sarah Walsh

Sarah Walsh has a rich experience of working in the art industry for around two decades. It’s no wonder that she is one of the most experienced illustrators on our list. She has produced numerous artworks in various styles and methods and has worked with several big names. You can check out her Instagram page for some unique and interesting artwork.

How to Foster Creativity

Drawing creative inspiration can be difficult. It can be a big issue for creative professionals and so we have some tips for them that can maximise their creative skills. These tips can help any graphic designer or illustrator. So let’s take a look at some useful tips that creatives can follow, besides checking out the illustrators on our list:

Draw inspiration from nature; you’ll be surprised at its effectiveness

Take care of your health and reduce stress

Don’t be scared of experimenting with new things

Take a break from art; sometimes you just need to clear your mind

We hope that you loved our list of the top 10 illustrators that creatives should follow in 2023. The illustrators featured on our list are some of the best experts in this exciting industry, with rich working experience. So you can come up with some new ideas by looking at their work and approach. All the best!